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This entry is for the 10th season episode. For the similarly titled 8th season episode, also known as The Army Lark, please visit the Blowing Themselves Up entry.

Opening remarks[]

  • Michael: We're all creatures of habit which is fine as long as one of us doesn't suddenly change all his. Then the rest panic and get curious...
  • Murray: Yes, yes, I see what you mean, Mr Phillips.
  • Phillips: Mmm, you agree, mmm. Mr De Morgan's suit jacket isn't quite the same colour as his trousers, is it?
  • Pertwee: No, same pattern but the jacket's darker.
  • Michael: It's nothing of the sort, it's just a suit.
  • Phillips: Oh, oh, oh it's two different colours.
  • Michael: Y... No!
  • Pertwee: Well perhaps he'd had two pairs of trousers when he bought it and this is the older pair?
  • Murray: Yes. You'd think he'd wear his best trousers for us, wouldn't you?
  • Michael: These are my best. I mean, I haven't got two pairs of trousers.
  • Pertwee: Ah, these days who has? Uh, perhaps you could have those died to match the jacket?
  • Michael: They do match. Don't they? Sorry.
  • Phillips: Pity. It's a nice jacket.
  • Pertwee: Alright for reading the news on the telly, in it? Cause he sits behind a desk for that.
  • Phillips: Quite. Needn't wear trousers at all.
  • Murray: Probably doesn't.
  • Michael: Shut up!
  • Phillips: Perhaps he got the suit in a sale and they gave him the wrong jacket for the trousers.
  • Pertwee: No shouldn't think so, no. No, he probably wore the trousers for gardening and tried to wash them himself.
  • Murray: Never works, does it? Apart from anything else you get pockets full of suds every time it rains.
  • Michael: Now look here will you please stop sniping at my sartorial imperfections and desist from distributing doubtful and dubious declarations about my dodgy old duds in order that I can proclaim this proud pronouncement to your production.
  • Phillips: Corr, isn't education a wonderful thing?
  • Michael: Ladies and gentlemen as I was about to say in my odd suit, we're all creatures of habit but it's very worrying when anyone as predictable as Mr Phillips starts to change his, as the wardroom ofTroutbridge is about to find out.

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