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This entry is for the 8th season episode. For the similarly titled 10th season episode, also known as The Portsmouth Kiosk, please visit the entry for Blowing Up.

Opening remarks[]

When you have a dodgy old reputation such as the crew of H.M.S. Troutbridge and find you've been invited to take part in top level talks with the Admiral you know one of three things has happened. Either someone's made a terrible mistake, or you've made an even bigger one by being around to receive the invitation, or worse still the subject matter of the talks is something flaming dangerous and your ship's company are the poor twits who are going to cop the job of doing it. It's in this frame of mind that Lieutenant Murray, Sub-Lieutenant Phillips and C.P.O. Pertwee are about to join in the talks in Captain Povey's office.

Navy Lark Season 8
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