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During a vist to Admiralty records in London. the production team from Troutbridge TV discover their discharge from the Navy was a mistake...

Opening remarks[]

  • Robin: Sometimes when I'm at home in the evening, Mrs Boyle and I we won...
  • Pertwee: I didn't know our Robin was married.
  • Phillips: Didn't you Pertwee? Well He was bound to be really.
  • Pertwee: Why?
  • Phillips: Well He's so good looking. And they do say, um... Ha, ha, ha, ha. That they say that with the ladies, he's a bit of er, um, Ha, ha, ha, ha.
  • Pertwee: Go on, Sir. Go on.
  • Phillips: Well, I've heard that um, Ha, ha, ha, ha.
  • Robin: Look if you've quite finished with my reputation, my wife's listening you know!
  • Phillips: What? Oh, sorry pardon.
  • Pertwee: It's alright Madam, we was talking about somebody else.
  • Phillips: Ha, ha, ha, ha. We weren't you know!
  • Robin: Oh mate, please! I've just forgotten her birthday.
  • Pertwee: Come along Mr Phillips, I don't think we should be associating with a bounder and a cad.
  • Robin: Oh it's nice to know one has friends. If any of you can remember, I was saying earlier that sometimes my wife and I, er happy birthday Dear - card following, we sit at home in the evenings wondering what load of codswallop will turn up on the telly next. If we switch to the TTV channel we wonder if anything will turn up at all. And er, when Henry Povey's had to send Mr Murray's production team out filming, a blank screen is a lot safer. Oh P.S. A very happy birthday, Dear.

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