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Opening remarks[]

A summons to Captain Povey's office first thing in the morning means one of two things, and if you're the one who's been summonsed you won't like either of them.

  • Phillips: Yes, yes. Mmm. I can see what the ladies mean about you, Mr De Morgan.
  • Michael: I beg your pardon Mr Phillips?
  • Phillips: You are handsome. Mmm, definitely. Mmm.
  • Michael: Ha, ha, ha please. I mean. Ha, ha. You, ha, you're making me all umm...
  • Phillips: No, no, no you are Mr De Morgan. Yes. You're handsome.
  • Michael: Mr Phillips, please. I'm trying to make this...
  • Phillips: I mean compared with Pertwee you're a positive Adonis. But then, isn't everybody?
  • Michael: Mr...
  • Phillips: No, no, I'm not a bit surprised the ladies find you cuddly. They must positively flock round you.
  • Michael: Mr Phillips for pity's sake my wife is listening.
  • Phillips: Oh clang!
  • Michael: Being summonsed to Captain Povey's office is never a good idea for there's only one person who's going to enjoy the interview and that is Old Thunderguts himself. This morning is no exception.

Navy Lark Season 10
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