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Troutbridge is placed at the disposal of a film company.

Opening remarks[]

Now we all want to be in films. Whether we look like Richard Todd after six weeks in the sun or Boris Karloff after six all-night parties. However, getting into films is one thing, getting out of them can be an even wiser move as our Island Draft learn the hard way....


No 1 informs Mr Phillips that Troutbridge will be recieving sailing orders from Commander Povey, and asks for CPO Pertwee to get Troutbridge stocked up ready to set sail. When Mr Phillips reveals the Chief is busy gardening outside the stores, No 1 decides to investigate.

Of course, it's actually Johnson doing the gardening - Pertwee is watching Johnson struggle with the lawn mower. Johnson suggests using the motor mower, but Pertwee refuses - at least until Johnson signs an IOU for the petrol. However, when Johnson starts the engine, the mower crashes through the guardroom - just as the guards were having their elevenses!

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