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Opening remarks[]

For Captain Povey all days start the same way, after a dirty great plateful of Ramona Povey prepared cereal, the type which ensures Henry is going to be a busy boy later, he then sets off for his office in Portsmouth dockyard supremely happy in the knowledge that today can't possibly be as bad as yesterday. He is always wrong. It's going to be worse.

Navy Lark Season 11

The Squatters I Admiral Hunting I The Promotion Ladder I Stranded I Sir Willoughby's Party I Fleet Initiative Test I C.P.O. Pertwee's Long Service Medal I The Phenomenal Pertwee Tug I The Security Clampdown I The Anniversary and the Washing I The Forbodians Hijack Troutbridge I Getting Spliced I The Honeymooners Return I C.P.O. Pertwee and the Lead Half Crowns I Dartmouth Naval College Has Had A Narrow Escape I The Mark 31 Radar