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Opening remarks[]

For most of us these days shopping is a matter of trying to work out which of the four-pence off special offers have only gone up six-pence since last week. Apart from the charm sized box only being half full anyway. The only thing we don't have to bother about is counting our change, because there isn't any. Sub-Lieutenant Phillips never has to bother about pound notes either. After he's paid his wardroom account, he never has anything left anyway. It doesn't all go on drinks and entertainment of course, his astronomical bill is for breakages and his weekly comics. This naturally presents him with a very real problem when the time finally comes when he has to admit that he's just got to have a new uniform somehow. There's no point in discussing this with his last two tailors as they're more interested in discussing his outstanding accounts for the last two uniforms. Fortunately as he sits in the wardroom worrying about it, and getting on the Padre's wick about it, help or disaster in the shape of Chief Petty Officer Pertwee is on the way.

Navy Lark Season 10
Lighting Up I The Redundancy Drive I Dredging Their Way Through I Instructing Their New CO in the Ways I Visiting Broadstairs I Accredited I Have Been Appearing I Avoiding Redundancy I Have Been Exercising I Crashing Their Way Through I Presented the Padre I Blowing Up I Shot At I Having Been Masquerading I Have Been Breaking Up I Weathering I Bunging Up I Assisting the Police with Their Enquiries for the Last Time in the Series